20 Years of Southern Lady: Letter from Editor-In-Chief, Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

Phyllis Hoffman DePiano
This is me in our on-site studio with Creative Director of Photography Mac Jamieson, right around the time Southern Lady began. Still going strong after all these years!

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

“She moves fast and forward in the modern world while holding tightly to the culture of the South that flows within her. She remembers her roots, treasures her traditions, and cherishes her family and friends…Who is she? She is a Southern lady—the one for whom this magazine is named. You. And me.”

Those were the words I wrote some 20 years ago in the very first issue of Southern Lady, and they still ring just as true as the day they came to mind. I started the magazine out of a desire to create a publication for women who live in or simply dream of the South, no matter where they may call home. Gracious living, beautiful interiors, enduring traditions, heartfelt hospitality, trailblazers leading the way in the “New South”—these are the things that give our region its inimitable spirit, and they are the things that remain close to our hearts as we forge ahead.

To celebrate this very special 20th year, we have plenty of fun things planned for our pages. Just like Southern Lady readers, we appreciate the past while wanting to keep up with the times, and in 2018 we’ll look forward even as we look back. We’re catching up with old friends and introducing new ones, revisiting favorite places and discovering others. We’ve added a column here and a feature series there. And you’ll notice that, starting with this issue, we’ve given our logo and look a facelift to mark our 20-year milestone. But what remains steadfast is our dedication to bringing you the very best of the South—from heirloom treasures and beloved customs to the notable women who define what it means to be a Southern lady today.

Above all, we’re grateful for you, our dear readers. Your loyalty, the stories you’ve shared, your thoughtful suggestions, your kind words—you are the reason Southern Lady has thrived all these years and continues to thrive today. Thank you!


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