3 Citrus Desserts to Please Your Summer Sweet Tooth


Citrus Desserts - Southern Lady MagazineCitrus comes in the signature colors of summer—bright lemony yellows, sunny oranges, and lime greens. It’s no wonder these fruits make such fitting summertime desserts. Don’t get us wrong; we love chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla all year long. But as temperatures climb, there’s something about the sweet and tangy flavors of lemons and limes that makes them a favorite from the first hot days of May until the end of August.

Summer wouldn’t be complete without that Southern classic Lemon Cream Pie. With layers of lemon, lemon cream, and whipped cream, this confection is the perfect complement to alfresco dinners, backyard barbecues, and family reunions.

Citrus Desserts - Southern Lady Magazine
For a unique cupcake, use a pan with square-shaped cakes and make sweet “sand” out of crushed graham crackers.

For a unique take on a citrus favorite, Key Lime Cupcakes offer zesty flavor in a single serving. Serve these treats at graduation celebrations or summer birthdays, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your presentation. Create a festive, tropical look by baking cupcakes in a pan that has square cups, and dusting them with crushed graham crackers to get the look of sand. For a finishing touch, add a paper umbrella. For traditional cupcakes, dress them up with DIY wrappers. (We fashioned our beach-themed versions out of scrapbook paper and used Glue Dots to secure them.)

Last but not least, our Lemon Pound Cake brings a touch of sophistication to the table. Topped with Limoncello Cream and fresh berries, the unadorned elegance of the finished cake makes it a lovely addition to a dinner party with friends. As delicious as it is beautiful, the cake and its fluffy topping offer the irresistible flavor of Limoncello. Originating in Italy—where it was traditionally served as a palate cleanser or digestif—the citrus liqueur is made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water, and sugar. It maintains a sweet flavor because no lemon juice is added to the mix. Limoncello can be used to make drinks, desserts, and sauces—and it’s the secret ingredient behind the rich flavor of this dessert. It is available at most grocery or specialty-foods stores.

Citrus Desserts - Southern Lady Magazine