Create this Teacup Flower Arrangement

Nature has a way of sending us smiles just when we need them the most. Our teacup flower arrangement will be a delightful display for cold winter days.

The garden lies dormant in January, its long winter’s nap a prelude to the frenzy of activities that will take place in the spring. A boxwood or two and a scattering of hollies dot the pale beige landscape that spreads out like a blanket around us. Surrounded by this achromatic sea, we yearn for even a taste of color to brighten our little corners of the world. What can save us from these gray-sky days? The pansy, of course.

With a sweet face that could melt the heart of Jack Frost himself, this cousin of the violet delivers brilliant bursts of color in borders and mass plantings, as well as containers and window boxes. Though we most often think of pansies in the multicolored varieties with “faces,” they also come in single colors as well. Their delicate look belies the fact that pansies are one of the hardiest flowers of them all, offering pockets of color throughout the winter months and a lovely option for this teacup flower arrangement.

A picture of a teacup of pansies

“I send thee pansies while the year is young . . .”

                                   —Sarah Doudney

Tea Time

There is no cheerier sight on a winter’s day than the sweet faces of pansies. These happy little charmers offer a colorful curtsy in greeting along winter walks, and they boldly bloom in the colder months when other blossoms cannot. Their very presence simply delights us—the more the merrier, we say. Use your imagination to showcase the pretty petals in a creative display, as we did with this clever teacup container. Simply fill the cup with potting soil, add a bunch of pansies, then sit back and enjoy these budding beauties until the chill is gone.