7 Sumptuous Sandwiches to Make This Summer

Sandwiches - Southern Lady Magazine

Sandwiches are a summer staple, perfect for the season—a delectably light lunch option amid the heat and humidity with enough substance to satisfy and sustain you during active summer days.

But don’t fall into the rut of rotating the boring basics. Adding excitement to the art of sandwich making can be simple. Just try any of our sauced-up summer sandwich picks, and you’ll understand!

Pair classic combinations such as steak and blue cheese or ham and Gruyère with your favorite bread. Or try some of our more innovative varieties that opt for subtle Southern touches such as biscuits instead of bread. Incorporating specialty cheeses will add decadence to your delicacy.

Our Radish Cucumber Tea Sandwich, with its gourmet garnish of crème fraîche, mizuna mustard microgreens, and minced chives, brings fantastic flavor and flair. Our Mini Smoked Turkey, Apple, and Cheese Sandwich incorporates fruit for a refreshing, summery burst of crunch and color.

Sandwiches - Southern Lady Magazine

For sunny days on the water, take advantage of fresh fish, and try our Salmon Sandwiches or for a meatier option, our Lakeside Subs.

And we couldn’t leave out Southern favorites such as our Smoky Barbecue Club. Our recipe for the tantalizing traditional sandwich is sure to satisfy.

Revamp your sandwich repertoire this summer with these impressive recipes you and your family and friends will welcome.