A Sterling Legacy

Photography courtesy by As You Like It Silver Shop.

Duncan says one reason brides today may decide against a silver registry is the cost of sterling. “Silver is very high-priced,” he says. “They look at that and say, ‘No one is going to buy that for me, so why register for that?’” But they do appreciate the value of the metal and want to amass or add to collections that have been passed down, oftentimes in mishmash style from blended families.

Traditionally, starting a silver trove for a daughter, granddaughter, or favorite niece was as easy as going to the local department store and making a selection. Now there are multiple options, such as specialty silverware vendors, the Internet, secondhand outlets, antiques shows, flea markets, consignment shops, and more. To keep it affordable, buy one piece at a time or keep your eye out for estate sales or other venues where you might be able to obtain an entire grouping at a reasonable cost. Hunting for pieces can be a large part of the fun, so be sure to share details of the pattern or items with other loved ones who may want to contribute.