Acres of Love at Alabama’s 1818 Farms

Acres of Love at 1818 Farms
Natasha and her husband, Lawrence McCrary.

“People come down here and see how beautiful it is, and she makes it look easy,” says Natasha’s husband, Lawrence, who joined his wife full-time in 2012. The couple hosts various events throughout the year, including floral arranging workshops, tours, and sheep shearing demonstrations. Reservations are required and spaces are limited. “Education is a huge part of our mission, and we want them to leave with an experience they won’t forget,” Natasha says.

Acres of Love at 1818 Farms

Whether people support the farm through the merchandise, the flowers, or the family’s social media videos of adorable lambs, Natasha takes pride in their work. “What makes 1818 Farms so special is the authenticity of being a true working farm, a producer of handmade goods, and an educational outlet for the community,” she says. “It makes me happy that [visitors] always say, ‘It’s just like what we thought it would be.’”

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Text by Ashley Shaw 
Photography by John O’Hagan

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