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Add A Pinch Cookbook

In organizing the book for ease of use, Robyn incorporated sidebars that offer tips for inventive ways to repurpose leftovers, ideas for serving with utmost Southern hospitality, and more. Helpful icons denote recipes that are freezer-friendly, can be made in the slow cooker, use 10 ingredients or less, or require just 30 minutes to put together. “Many people today don’t feel they have the time to prepare home-cooked meals,” she says. “My recipes are all made with fresh, whole-food ingredients, and they’re faster and easier.”

Ultimately, Robyn hopes, Add a Pinch will encourage families to get back in the kitchen and savor the time together that such a commitment bestows—something she’s come to cherish. “Time spent reading handwritten recipes scrawled on envelopes, thoughts of learning to cook some of these from my Mama, and recipes I’ve developed for my own family and made with my son caused so many emotions to come flooding back to me as I worked on this book,” she says.

Add A Pinch Cookbook

“I’d love nothing more than for this cookbook to be splatter-stained from use with dog-eared pages. It would thrill me to know that the recipes become family favorites for others like they have been for mine. But, most of all, I hope it inspires people to cook.”

Enter for your chance to win the cookbook, and continue reading for a couple of our favorite picks from Robyn’s scrumptious compilation. Get more on Add A Pinch, in our May/June issue on newsstands April 18.

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Published by Clarkson Potter, Add A Pinch, is available at booksellers nationwide.