An Alabama Home Adorned for the Holidays

An Alabama Home Adorned for the HolidaysPeace & Joy
The master suite’s trimmings echo its elegant décor, including a bevy of lilies, a wreath at each window, and packages wrapped in coordinating cream and silver. Amid twinkling lights and shimmering bows, the garland on the mantel weaves together fresh pine and magnolia leaves. 

An Alabama Home Adorned for the HolidaysFestive Alfresco
Alabama’s mild winter climate draws the family outdoors for much of the season, where the pool house loggia is decked in lively lime. “We wanted an alternative to the typical Christmas reds,” Mary Beth says. The verdant scheme harmonizes with the natural surrounds, creating a cozy retreat for gathered loved ones.

Text by Mona Moore
Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

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