An Editor’s Thoughts on Journaling, Gift Giving, and Preserving Life’s Special Moments

A photo of a woman writing in a journalBy Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

Writing in a journal was something I had always thought was a good idea, but I had never officially done it. When my twin sons started school, however, I decided it was a perfect way to remember special days during their school years. I would record them from a mother’s perspective. Then on my boys’ graduation day, I would present them with wonderfully detailed accounts of their activities.

I began with two new red-fabric-covered journals, one for each of my boys. On their first day of school, I sat down to record my feelings. Tears streamed down my face as I realized that life would never be the same, that I would be sharing only a part of each day with them from now on. I cried and wrote and cried and wrote.

Then, I decided a daily accounting was not going to work. Twelve years later, I had written maybe 20 pages in each journal. This was actually for the best, I thought. How many 18-year-old guys are going to read 12 years of their mother’s emotional renderings?

Yet within those few pages, written at varying intervals, I had recorded first loves, prom dates, fun trips, and my sons’ reactions to these special times. Had I not written them in the journals, the moments might have been forgotten.

At graduation time, I still had not given up on the idea of presenting journals to my boys. This time, I purchased two leather books and began writing a letter to each son. I cried and wrote and cried and wrote. I passed them to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, and special friends, one by one. And on graduation day, I gave my sons journals filled with wonderful handwritten letters, recounting funny happenings, meaningful times, and wishes for the future.

My boys appreciated their journals. But as a mother, I realized they would cherish these gifts even more in the years ahead.

How do you preserve life’s special moments and share them with others?

Journals give us a place to record precious moments in a special way. Putting personal thoughts and feelings on paper may seem awkward at first—but keep writing. Even awkward words can convey great meaning.

If you are looking for a unique gift, plan to present a journal for a special occasion. (Stay tuned for our journal gift guide coming soon in Part 2 of this post!) They make for fun and lasting commemorations, and they get others involved in the enjoyment of journaling.

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