Anne Bogel’s 5 Must-Visit Southern Bookshops

Anne Bogel's 5 Must-Visit Southern Bookshops
(Left) Photo of Anne Bogel courtesy of Modern Mrs. Darcy; (right) Photo of The Story Shop by Doyle Wallace Photography.

It’s the book you weren’t looking for that makes the trip to a local independent bookstore so very worthwhile. The latest down-home cookbook poised in the cheerful display that stops you as you search for a fall planting guide. Or the enticing scented candle and aromatic cup of java that slows you down to browse and linger a bit longer than intended. We love celebrating female entrepreneurs at Southern Lady, so when we decided to explore a smattering of the wonderful women-owned booksellers throughout the South, we enlisted help from none other than Anne Bogel of the popular podcast What Should I Read Next?

Read on for Anne’s thoughts about bookshops and some of the fabulous ones around the South she recommends.