Artist Shelby Dillon Explores Life in Color

Shelby’s distinctive style emerged when her husband’s job took the couple overseas to Southeast Asia and South America for eight years. Once the excitement of exploring and settling into life abroad wore off, she filled the hours by painting, allowing her to capture these foreign adventures and the vibrancy of the cultures she was immersed in.

With a lifelong interest in art, Shelby considered attending art school following high school, but practicality led her to college instead. After graduation from Tulane University, Shelby moved to Houston for a sales job at a creative arts firm. Soon, she realized there are many ways to make a living as an artist and left her job. “I did the total cliché of waiting tables and selling my art,” says Shelby, “and it didn’t take long before I didn’t have to wait tables anymore. You just have to put your mind to it and figure out your niche.” And that’s precisely what she did.