Artist Shelby Dillon Explores Life in Color

In addition to umbrellas and beach towels, you will find a variety of subjects depicted in her work and all of them reflect her environs, including her successful pagodas and palmettos. Shelby explains that “each series explores something different, whether it’s different color schemes, ideas, or motifs, but the unifying idea is a joyful lifestyle.”

Her experience abroad opened her eyes to the possibilities in her art and beyond. Drawing from the creative problem-solving she learned while navigating new cultures, she considers each piece a process of discovery. “I love working through the hard part of a painting to get a sudden glimpse of how it’s going to shine and what it is going to become,” she says. “You can’t wait for inspiration to come. You have to just keep creating.” Once the last stroke is added, Shelby feels content sending a piece to its forever home knowing that her art has sung to another person’s heart. 

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Text by Dorothy Walton
Photography by Tammy Jean Lamoureux

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