Southern Lady Magazine

Autumn Accents

Make first impressions count with welcoming displays that add seasonal appeal.  

WARM WELCOME: Place a balanced stack of pumpkins on either side of a front door that bears a welcome wreath made of seasonal berries and foliage. 

LIGHT THE WAY: Line the steps of a staircase with forged-metal lanterns lit with a variety of candles.  

SPICE IT UP (left): For an unusual front door display, arrange a mix of autumn gourds in a woven basket shaped like a pouch. Fill in with bunches of red, yellow, and orange hot peppers, leaving stems and leaves attached. SITTING PRETTY (right): Pull up a front-row seat to fall by staging a cozy corner, starring a rocking chair and knitted throw with colorful mums in a supporting role. 

ONWARD & UPWARD: Pedestals normally used to anchor urns and flowerpots are perfect for displaying pumpkins on steps. Tuck in some mums, and scatter a few fall gourds for good measure. 

GREETING GRINS: Terra-cotta jack-o’-lanterns do double duty as night-lights and flowerpots. Simply flip their lids, then plant with mums.