Autumn Décor with Fashionable Hostess

Blogger Amanda S. Gluck of Fashionable Hostess shares seasonal décor tips to add stylish and inviting touches to your home this autumn. 


By Amanda S. Gluck
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I look forward to this time of year because I love decorating my home for the season. One of the greatest pleasures includes making it feel fun and festive for my family and guests! My favorite pieces to decorate with rich autumn colored wreaths and white pumpkins. You can find them in most craft stores and in your local supermarket. They are quick to pick up and easy to place around your home to add a touch of fall to any space.


Seasonal Wreaths

While the traditional place for wreaths is on the outside of your home, I really like how they look inside as well. You can suspend them over a mirror in your dining room. I love how this adds an extra little touch of fall in a room that’s decorated in a very neutral way. 


It really can bring the space to life and make it feel just a little extra special. You can also place wreaths above the oven in your kitchen or replace a piece of summery artwork like I did in my bar.


White Pumpkins

They are becoming a hot new item this fall. You can buy faux ones or create your own with white spray paint! I love to place them on side tables in the foyer. It’s fun to have them popping up even in the most unexpected places!


You can also create a vignette on your kitchen counter by placing different sized white pumpkins on various cake stands. It’s fun to create a little display and when the cake stands are different sizes it adds a little fun dimension as well.

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