Autumn Meal

Revel in the symphony of seasonal shades and flavors this autumn, best appreciated outdoors under a colorful canopy. Keep the arrangement as relaxed and informal as this easygoing afternoon spent enjoying nature’s melodies in the company of family and friends. (See below for our suggested autumn meal.) 

Autumn Meal

IN BLOOM: Gather armfuls of vibrant seasonal blooms, and arrange them in a large basket for a beautiful display that complements the harvest spread. Incorporate other natural elements like Indian corn, hypericum berries, and miniature squashes and pumpkins, too. 

Autumn MealAUTUMN DETAILS: Fallen leaves and a comfy quilt make for charming accents to this cheerful outdoor meal. Use plump persimmons along with place cards for an extra seasonal touch. 

Autumn Meal

Autumn Meal: 

Pulled Pork

Greens & Radish Salad

Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin 

Oatmeal-Chocolate Cream Pies