Best-Selling Author Karen Kingsbury Reflects on Franklin, Tennessee

Historic Main Street in Franklin, Tennessee. Photography courtesy of Visit Franklin.

If you look up the word “Americana” in the dictionary, don’t be surprised if the definition reads: Franklin, Tennessee. Its downtown features a quaint town square, a quintessential Main Street lined with shops and restaurants, and even a 1930s theater with red neon. But the icing on the cake? A novel-turned-Hallmark-television movie in the city’s list of credits.

“It’s charm. There’s no question that it’s charm,” says Joel Tomlin, describing the lure of Franklin, located some 20 minutes south of Nashville. Joel and his wife, Carol, own Landmark Booksellers in the Franklin downtown historic district, and their lives were fodder for author Karen Kingsbury’s romance novel The Bridge. Continue reading or enter below for your chance to win a signed copy.