Blue-Based Redesign Blends Traditional with Fresh Décor

A photo of a living room with blue decor and a dining room with blue chairs

From the moment Emily Larkin of Dallas-based EJ Interiors met the Davidsons, she knew their home didn’t match the couple’s vivacious personalities. “The house was extremely dark, very traditional, and the window treatments, furnishings, fabrics, and paint colors were worn and out of style,” Emily recalls. “Their home was missing the welcoming, up-to-date look it deserved.” The designer started with color. “Since blue almost acts as a neutral, it’s a great way to ‘introduce’ color to clients who aren’t used to a lot of it.”

Emily chose to keep some of the family’s pieces—such as brilliant handed-down antique rugs—to add history and character to the spacious home. “We juxtaposed these traditional pieces with more modern and glitzy elements like the Lucite coffee table and dramatic metallic rope mirror to bring in a fresh look.”

A photo of a living room with blue decor

On her initial design questionnaire, the homeowner said, “I would like for our house to feel like a home, comfortable for our family and guests.” With the help of EJ Interiors, the Davidsons now enjoy a space that’s current yet sophisticated, featuring livable furniture and a timeless blend of beloved family heirlooms and new, bold accessories.

A picture of the cover of Southern Home by Southern Lady
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A photo of a living room with blue decor
Patterned fabrics, efficient furniture flow, and an attention to scale went a long way in making the home more functional—and fun.
A photo of a dining room with magenta chairs and a patio with blue and green furniture
“In most of the rooms, we also added pops of other colors so that the blue didn’t ever become tiring or stale,” Emily says. In the living room, hints of blush were brought out from the antique rug. In the office, vintage brass chairs were covered in a magenta fabric. And on the patio, grass-green chairs and accessories complement lush outdoors.
A photo of a bedroom with neutral and blue decor
Creating a fresh, updated look needn’t mean a full departure from the home’s traditional bones. Well-curated accent pieces and interesting, high-quality fabrics can elevate style in a big Texas way.