1. Discuss how slaves were treated in Virginia prior to the Civil War. How were slaves viewed by the justice system in the antebellum South?
  2. What was Mary Maddox’s relationship with Kitty prior to her husband’s death? How and why did Mary’s relationship with Kitty change after her husband’s death?
  3. What was Kitty’s relationship with Samuel?
  4. How did Kitty view Mary and their relationship before Samuel passed away?
  5. Why did Mary choose to free Kitty and her children?
  6. How were runaway slaves treated in Virginia once they were captured?
  7. Why would Fanny Withers risk her social stature to aid Kitty in her escape from Virginia?
  8. Why would the attorney, Zephania Turner, agree to represent Kitty, knowing that his decision would be unpopular among his friends and family?
  9. Knowing that slaves were considered property and, as a result, not usually allowed to testify in legal matters, how did Kitty intend to have her case heard in court?
  10. What did the jury’s indication that in the event the court should find in favor of Kitty the damages would be only one cent, suggest about their view of the value of a slave’s life?
  11. Why did the trial judge initially rule against Kitty?