The Irishman's Daughter


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Set against the lush backdrop of the northwest coast of Ireland in 1845, The Irishman’s Daughter by V.S. Alexander is a powerful story of strength and resilience during one of the darkest times in the country’s history. Briana Walsh and her sister live in the wild and beautiful

Carrowteige, County Mayo, where small farms are managed by her father, an agent to the wealthy and cruel English landowner Sir Thomas Blakely. When Briana’s family and everyone around her fall victim to the harrowing devastation of the Irish potato famine, she embarks on a brave journey to guide the ones she loves through the plague that will kill and displace millions of people. With compassion and vivid detail, Alexander casts a hopeful light on remarkable and complex characters faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

“In this powerful historical saga, Alexander explores how Ireland’s Great Potato Famine of 1845 mercilessly changed lives forever, and how love can blossom against even the greatest of odds…Alexander’s research lends unquestionable weight to the story…Accompanied by an expertly rendered plot, bold and empathetic characters, and prose the jumps off the page, this tale will particularly satisfy fans of historicals and those looking for stories about the redeeming grace of faith and hard work.”
 Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW, for The Irishman’s Daughter