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The Man She Married by Cathy Lamb is a love story, a mystery, a tale of friendship, and a quirky family drama all wrapped up into one charming, thought-provoking novel. As it opens, Natalie Shelton is lying trapped in a coma, unable to communicate, but aware of the sounds and voices around her. When she regains consciousness, she remembers fragments from the morning of her accident and things her husband said during his daily visits to the hospital when he thought she couldn’t hear him. She knows he’s hiding something from her, and as she recovers her memory in rehab, she’s determined to find out the truth. Cathy Lamb balances the suspense of Natalie’s circumstances with plenty of laughter and colorful characters, including Natalie’s wonderfully eccentric best friends from childhood, her father who belts out songs, her kooky mom, her loving husband, and the array of people she meets in rehab. Filled with both humor and depth, The Man She Married is a truly special read.