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Cathy Lamb was born in Newport Beach, California. As a child, she mastered the art of skateboarding, catching butterflies in bottles, and riding her bike with no hands. When she was 10, her parents moved her, two sisters, a brother, and two poorly behaved dogs to Oregon before she could fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a surfer bum.

She then embarked on her notable academic career, where she earned good grades now and then and landed on the newspaper staff in high school. When she saw her byline above an article about people making out in the hallways of the high school, she knew she had found her true calling. 

Cathy suffers from “I Would Rather Play Than Work Disease,” which prevents her from getting much work done unless she has a threatening deadline. She likes to hang with family and friends, walk, eat chocolate, camp, travel, and is slightly obsessive about the types of books she reads. She also likes to be left alone a lot so she can hear all the odd characters in her head talk to each other, and then transfer that oddness to paper. The characters usually don’t start to talk until 10:00 at night, however, so she is often up ’til 2:00 in the morning with them. That is her excuse for being cranky.

She is currently working on her next book and isn’t sleeping much.

Cathy Lamb shares a special message below exclusively with Southern Lady Book Club readers. Enjoy!

Hello from Oregon! I am delighted to be featured in Southern Lady.

Here is the guiding question I asked myself while writing my new book, The Man She Married: How well do you know your spouse?

Yikes. Yes, that was it. It made ME twitchy and squirmy to even think about it. I’ve been married to my husband, whom I have nicknamed Innocent Husband, for twenty-five years. We have three kids together: Rebel Dancing Daughter, Adventurous Singing Daughter, and Darling Laughing Son.

But there I was, for months, asking that crazy question to keep me grounded in my storyline. How well do you know your spouse?

Speaking of Innocent Husband, whenever he reads one of my books, he starts sending me strange, baffled looks as in, “Who the heck ARE you, Cathy?”

But, I digress.

Here’s a short and sweet summary of The Man She Married: Natalie Shelton is in a coma. That’s not her only problem.

Now, really, that summary sounds depressing even to me, and I wrote the darn thing. It’s not a depressing book, I promise. In fact, there are a lot of laughs in the book. I love to laugh, I think we all need to laugh, so I always put humor in my books.

The Man She Married is about a husband with a secret past—The Moonshine and Milky Way Maverick Girls, daisies, danger, a difficult mother, and country living. 

It’s part fiction, part thriller, and part love story.

In terms of a book group book (and I am very, very biased), I would say yes, The Man She Married will work. There are many topics you can discuss with your girlfriends, and I don’t think any of the topics will be so contentious that any plates or wine bottles or cats will be thrown.

Thank you for reading The Man She Married. Write to me! I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to visit your book club. Email me at and we’ll set up a time.

Cathy Lamb