Music playlists—what would be the soundtrack of your book?

  1. “Crocodile Rock,” by Elton John. Why “Crocodile Rock”? Because if I had to choose the song of my life, it would be that one. I remember dancing around to Elton John’s hit in my pajamas with my sisters and brother as a kid, and it still inspires me today. Also, I can see Natalie, Chick, and Justine dancing to it.
  2. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Best piece of music ever written. I listened to it on my walks when writing The Man She Married about a 100 times, and it seems to fit the plot. Da Da Da DAAAA.
  3. “Thank You for Being a Friend,” by Andrew Gold. Because this book is about friendships we women have with each other.
  4. “Back in Black,” by AC/DC. So your girlfriends can rock out before you discuss the book.
  5. “This is Me,” from The Greatest Showman. Natalie had to find herself again.
  6. “I Hope You Dance,” by Lee Ann Womack. Because Natalie is learning how to live and dance again.
  7. “Think,” by Aretha Franklin. Because Natalie is trying to think through everything…and find out why her husband, the man she loves, is lying to her.
  8. “Born to Fly,” by Sara Evans.
  9. “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go,” by Bob Dylan.
  10. “Wide Open Spaces,” by the Dixie Chicks. Because Natalie loved her childhood in the country in eastern Oregon.