A Note from Donna Everhart: The Moonshiner’s Daughter

A Note from Donna Everhart

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Dear Reader,

I am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce to you my fourth novel, The Moonshiner’s Daughter. Set in 1960 Wilkes County, North Carolina, the birthplace of NASCAR, it’s the story of a young woman determined to change her family’s past.

Jessie’s story is that of a troubled young woman searching for the truth about her mother’s death and the personal war she initiates not only against her own family, but within herself. By refusing to answer any of her questions about how her mother died, Jessie’s father unwittingly helps create the “monster” within her: a compulsive eating habit. That becomes the way she copes, a way to believe she has some control over her life.

Jessie Sasser is a fighter, yet she is vulnerable, with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. I believe she is a compelling character, flawed in many ways, but endearing and relevant. 

What holds true for any of us is that sometimes in our search for answers, we may uncover a surprising revelation that is not what we expect. I hope readers will find themselves drawn to Jessie and her story about the power of one’s self-worth, the innate need to belong, and the ability to accept ourselves for who we are. Because that is what this story is really about.

I’m excited for you to be among the first to see The Moonshiner’s Daughter, and I can’t wait to hear what you think! If you’d like to share comments or photos on social media, be sure to tag #DonnaEverhart and #TheMoonshinersDaughter so I don’t miss them!

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Happy reading,





Donna Everhart