Boots & Barbecue Gathering at The Barn

Boots & Barbecue
On horseback, freedom comes quickly. Reins in hand and feet in stirrups—you experience a timeless truth: There is no view that compares with the one from the saddle. Enjoy all that autumn offers by organizing a trail ride with lifelong friends among fallen leaves and evergreens, and afterward, let the crowd continue the seasonal celebration with a hearty meal down at the barn. 

Boots & Barbecue Gathering at The Barn
From The Rafters
Rays of sun, rustic lanterns, and a simple chandelier shed some light on an oft-unexplored entertaining ground: the barn. Blanketed in rust-colored cloth and a burlap overlay tied with twine, round tables provide plenty of seating for this casual yet classy occasion. New plaid rugs serve as runners on the table and can be repurposed post-party, while julep cups and painted pails become clever containers for cheery floral arrangements.

Horsing Around
Make the most of autumn’s inviting atmosphere, and stage the party inside and out. Serve this spread buffet style, and round up some of Mister Ed’s favorite treats—orchard-fresh apples—and place basketfuls along the table for decoration and delectation.

Cowboy boots discreetly hiding vases of flowers remind hungry riders that this is a time to kick back and relax. And, of course, foals and fillies are welcome at this assembly of equine adorers—just be sure to keep safety in mind if the four-legged friends are in attendance. Browse the menu below.

Boots & Barbecue Gathering at The Barn Menu
Cowboy Cornmeal Rolls 
Apple Slaw with Chive Dressing and Manchego Cheese
Barnyard Baked Beans

Barbecue Beef Brisket
Chocolate Chess Pie

By Andrea Fanning
Recipe Development and Food Styling by Aimee Bishop Lindsey
Styling by Adrienne A. Williams
Photography by Kimberly Finkel Davis

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