Celebrate Friendsgiving This Thanksgiving Season

Celebrate Friendsgiving


To each of us, that word has different meanings. What we are thankful for differs as well. And as we age, I think it takes on new meanings with the passing of time. What used to be the traditional large family gathering—women in the kitchen, men by the TV watching football rivalries, and kids playing outside until the dinner was ready—has changed or is not always possible.

Enter the Friendsgiving. I heard that term several weeks ago, and I was intrigued by it. That is a wonderful idea. Why not have a gathering of friends that mean so much? A gathering of friends takes the place of the traditional family when one is alone or can’t physically be with their family for whatever reason.

The love of friends should be celebrated whether on Thanksgiving Day or during this Thanksgiving season. Take this time to get together and tell why you are thankful for each friend.

It would take me days to tell all the wonderful things for which I am thankful. The past few years have been a mixture of challenges, illness, death of loved ones, happy times with grandchildren, and many moments of joy! At each step, friends have walked with us. Neal and I are very blessed, and we really have a deeper love for family and friends who have walked with us.

During this time, writing notes of gratitude would mean so much to the people in your life. Simple words change lives. Words encourage and give hope.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may you always remember that you are loved.

Celebrate Friendsgiving

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