Charming Bow Napkin Fold How-To

Charming Bow Napkin Fold in 8 Easy Steps:

Napkin Fold How-To: A grid of images showing step-by-step bow napkin fold instructions

  1. With the pattern facedown, fold a cloth napkin into a triangle, positioning the right angle on the left.
  2. Bring the left point to the middle of the triangle.  
  3. Roll the long edge toward the center until it meets the point. 
  4. Continue rolling the long edge until it covers the point completely.  
  5. Fold the top down and slightly to the left. 
  6. Fold the bottom up and to the left so both ends meet. 
  7. Pull the folded pieces to the center so they drape over one another. 
  8. Pinch the middle of the linen and slide on a napkin ring. Pull the tails down, fluff out the sides, and place the finished bow atop a place setting.