Chasing Rainbows at Estelle Colored Glass

Stephanie Summerson Hall of Estelle Colored GlassTable set with Estelle Colored Glass and white china

“I remember my grandmother had two china cabinets full of all kinds of unique finds,” Stephanie says of Estelle’s radiant glass collection. “It was like her own treasure chest, almost like a wardrobe. Whatever the occasion, she could make it special.” With this heritage in mind, Stephanie began searching for colorful items to add to her “forever collection,” similar to her grandmother’s.

As she delved deeper into the market, she discovered that such glass was seldom made in America anymore, and the kinds of pieces that she sought could only be found by scouring antiques vendors. “I was driven by the fact that this is a dying art,” Stephanie says. “We intentionally set out to bring a revival to colored glass.”