Chasing Rainbows at Estelle Colored Glass

Small white cake on a blue Estelle Colored Glass cake pedestal

A pedestal cake stand came first, and the line soon expanded to stemware, stemless wineglasses, Champagne coupes, rocks glasses, and decanters—all designed with the sleek profiles that have become the brand’s signature. An ever-growing roster of colorways spans soft pastels, vivid jewel tones, and smoky neutrals.

Stephanie believes the nostalgia inherent in her wares is an important draw. “Before this, whenever I saw colored glass, it put me back at my grandmother’s house automatically,” she says. “I think that’s what it does for other people. I’m thrilled to offer products that bring back happy memories, that are going to be part of creating memories and then become heirlooms.”

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Photography by Catherine Hurt Photography
Text by Elizabeth Bonner Czapski

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May June 2022 cover of Southern Lady