Set to Serve: Colors of Summer

Summer Colors 3
Rather than pack away an alfresco studio when you’re expecting guests, re-envision the inspired space as a casual dinner setting.  Imagine a white wooden table as your canvas, and set it with brightly brushed china and handblown stemware that are themselves works of art. The easel transitions into this landscape nicely, whether displaying a summer scene in progress or perhaps a watercolor version of the evening’s menu. A delectable dessert is easily carried away from the table, allowing guests to seek the best spot in the garden for watching the watercolor streaks of a setting sun.

Summer Colors 3
Art Elements
Incorporate art supplies into the décor with neat groupings of paints, brushes, and other materials. Look for clever ways to echo the theme on the table—tall slender flowers arranged in a clear vase resemble brushes waiting to be rinsed.

Summer Colors 3
Studio Setting

Celebrate this inspiring workspace by using it as the backdrop for a summer’s eve gathering where creative endeavors are part of the atmosphere.

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