Create a Rainbow Table Setting

Before spring showers bring fresh blooms to your garden, rainy days color the sky with that spectrum of bending light—the rainbow. Let this abiding symbol of hope and life inspire your next gathering with a table setting that colorfully displays all seven of the arch’s signature hues.

Rainbow Table Setting - Southern Lady Magazine


From a bridal shower to a ladies luncheon to a birthday party, any number of spring entertaining scenarios are perfect for this rainbow table setting. Simply pair dinnerware in bold solids with colorfully patterned plates. Then create a centerpiece that highlights each color from red to violet in the ROY-G-BIV spectrum. (If little ones are part of the festivities, the setting can even be educational.)

 A rainbow table makes for an especially creative approach to a St. Patrick’s Day gathering. Rather than relying on the usual monochromatic decor, take a more creative approach. Just make sure that the green at the middle of the rainbow truly takes center stage, and leave a little pot of gold-foiled chocolate coins at one end of your floral display for guests to enjoy.

Rainbow Table Setting - Southern Lady Magazine

Allow the rainbow to inform every detail of the tablescape by using a different colored linen napkin at each setting.  We paired the brightly colored Anmut “My Colour” Dinner Plates in an assortment of hues with the floral-patterned Anmut Bloom salad plates and bread-and-butter plates. The combination softens the colorful setting, and adds a touch of subtlety.

Rainbow Table Setting - Southern Lady Magazine

The polychromatic spectrum makes the table appealing without overwhelming the decor because of the contrast created by the bold hues set on a white backdrop. The oranges and reds in this place setting have an appealing pop because of the neutral runner and flower containers. To add to the prismatic allure of the table, French Countryside glasses by Mikasa in a variety of colors give a sparkling finishing accent. 

We featured this entertaining idea in our  Spring in the South special issue. Find all of the other inspiring decor, recipes, and spring celebrations on newsstands or through our online store.