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Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day Displays

The sweetest day of the year is just around the corner. Try these easy and elegant ideas sure to make hearts flutter this Valentine’s Day.

Stacks of Style
For an occasion this special, get creative. In lieu of a traditional floral arrangement, stack a set of floral-printed gift boxes on a simple white cake stand. These artistic versions of favorite flowers don’t need watering, and the boxes can be used again to store potpourri, trinkets, or even love letters. Finish the look with festive flourishes and a sprinkling of red or pink foil-wrapped candies.

Hello, Doily
Although simple, paper doilies are quite versatile in their uses. Originally intended for displaying baked goods or lining boxes of chocolates, doilies also make beautiful embellishments for valentine cards and envelopes. A few skillful snips add old-fashioned romance and personalized charm. Wrap a store-bought card envelope with a doily, then affix with glue, or adhere one of these lacy papers to an envelope flap, and trim to fit.

Straight from the Heart
A heart-shaped cake makes a tasty treat indeed, but try tempting your senses of smell and sight with a floral arrangement set into a heart-shaped baking pan. Simply fill a pan, available from such sources as Wilton and King Arthur Flour, with floral foam or Oasis. Cut rose stems 1 to 2 inches below the bud—we used about 2 dozen—and insert into Oasis, filling in with sprigs of baby’s breath. For the finishing touch, add a pretty satin ribbon around the outside of the pan, and secure with a hot-glue gun. Keep the Oasis moist, and the arrangement will last for days.

How Sweet It Is
Take a trip to the candy store for the makings of a sugarcoated centerpiece ideal for a valentine-themed gathering with best friends. Channel childhood soda-shop memories with sundae dishes filled to the brim with cinnamon imperial candies. To step up the sugar rush, insert wooden skewers or lollipop sticks into melt-in-your-mouth meringue bites, then arrange like dreamy dollops of whipped cream atop your favorite ice-cream treat. Place a sour cherry candy on top, and add peppermint-stick “straws” to complete this sweet and sentimental display.

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