Creative Ways with Floral Containers

Give a whole new meaning to the term “green thumb” by recycling a variety of containers into fabulous plant holders.

A picture of creative floral containers

Gardeners possess a wheelbarrow full of creativity, along with unfailing optimism for what might be. With this penchant for possibilities in mind, look beyond an object’s original purpose to fashion it into a clever garden accent. You can try any of the items we turned into floral containers—buckets, baskets, wire lanterns, and even an old metal funnel—but the ideas are endless. Why, at this very moment, your garage may be bursting with household castaways that would make excellent outdoor containers.

It is easy to picture a woven basket as a planter, but what about an old bucket or a child’s sand pail? Take this notion a step further to repurpose a wooden crate or rusty wagon into a supplementary garden by filling it with a mix of succulents, favorite flowers, or flowering herbs. Add casters to enamel washtubs or wooden soda boxes for more cartable containers that can be rolled practically anywhere for a spot of color. Search yard sales for inexpensive items that may otherwise be destined for the landfill, and give them a new lease on life in your own backyard. With a little ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can transform almost anything into a place to plant. Continue reading for a few of our favorite concepts.