Delightful Neapolitan Desserts

A plated grouping of Neapolitan Cupcakes, Neapolitan Cookies, and chocolate cake topped with strawberriesChocolate, strawberry, vanilla—why choose just one? Our Neapolitan desserts take a fresh approach to the classic flavor combination for treats that will garner three times the “wows.” This blend of sweet tastes came to the U.S. in the 19th century with Italian immigrants who brought along their recipes for the frozen dessert spumoni. The original often included nuts and fruit, and it gradually evolved into the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream combination we know today as Neapolitan, a reference to the Italian city of Naples. Taking the flavor trio to new heights, our roundup of recipes includes cupcakes, cookies, and a creamy dessert piled high with fresh strawberries.