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Distinctive Details: How-to-Create Beautiful Spring Napkins

To bring extra panache to the table, try an interesting napkin fold topped off with petite petals. Follow Southern Lady‘s step-by-step instructions for creating this elegant napkin arrangement with distinctive details from our 2017 Spring in the South special issue.

Step One
Press or steam a square napkin of your choice. We recommend a 20″ x 20″ napkin that has a bit of weight to it. With the right side down on a flat surface, fold the napkin in half vertically.

Step Two
Fold the top corners together, creating two adjacent triangles. Repeat for the bottom corners.

Step Three 
Fold the points of the napkin together so they touch in the center of the square.

Step Four
Flip the napkin over. Fold each corner in so the points touch in the center.

Step Five
Flip the napkin over again, and tuck dainty spring posies into the center for seasonal flair.

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