A Dockside Dinner

Host a dockside dinner this summer filled with good food and good friends. Set the table in bright colors to evoke the carefree feel of vacation. With a gentle breeze blowing by the water and a smorgasbord of delicious fare, all of your stresses will melt away and you will sail away into relaxation.

TableHorizA824JOHAs a blissful summer’s day on the water winds down, bring everyone back together for a sunset supper boasting a beautiful view of the water. 


Incorporate the seasonal blooms into your dining by setting the table with bright flowers. Use large, clear mason jars as vases to let the flowers truly take center stage. 

Fotor072184828Make each guest feel special by writing their names on stones gathered from around the water’s edge. As a fun day activity, allow friends and family members to decorate their place marker with colored markers and other craft materials. 

Fotor072184927Give the evening a patriotic feel with red, white, and blue decor. House dishware in wicker baskets for easy and stylish transport. 


As the evening draws to a close, enjoy a scenic view shared with those you love most.