Donna McFeeters Backyard Garden

Come along as we explore the joys of a Southern lady’s garden. From tiny accents to grand displays, this backyard is filled with clever ideas and delights aplenty.

Donna McFeeters backyard garden May June 13 Southern Lady

Summer is a season meant to be spent in the garden, and this delightful patch of paradise, located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, is especially inviting. The abundance of deep green foliage and soft blue and creamy-white flowers in Donna McFeeters’ beautiful backyard plot gives the illusion that the space is much cooler than the thermometer indicates.

Donna McFeeters backyard garden frog planter May June 13 Southern Lady

More than a decade in the making, her garden is most certainly a labor of love, but it’s also a place of peace for this busy lady. A path lined with lavender-tipped liriope weaves its way through a vine-covered arch and into the garden proper, where mophead hydrangeas, impatiens, hostas, and other blooming beauties beckon visitors to share this botanical bliss.

Donna McFeeter Garden May June 13 Southern Lady

Illustrating her artistic side, Donna interspersed the plantings with elegant statuary and urns that overflow with periwinkle, sweet-potato and variegated vinca vines, and more. Her love of whimsy is evident, too, as iron geese statues waddle their way to the lake beyond and cute critters peek from behind their leafy hideaways. When this happy horticulturalist has toiled away the day, she can retreat to a sitting area close to the water’s edge to admire her handiwork. The result of her devotion to detail is an amazing sanctuary that brings joy and a sense of wonderment to all who enter.

Donna McFeeter backyard garden path - May June 13 Southern Lady

An afternoon amble down the garden path is filled with sights sure to elicit smiles. Donna McFeeters and her sister share a June birthday, as well as a love for yard art, so they often give each other pieces as gifts. One of Donna’s favorite accents is the birdbath planted with succulents that is home to a whimsical trio of pop-eyed hoppers. Each turn along the trail brings new delights to savor.

Donna McFeeter Lake Garden May June 13 Southern Lady

Lake views enhance the feeling of serenity in this backyard haven. Donna adopted an eclectic family of rescued geese who happily come quacking when she whistles; they follow her around the garden, proving that its appeal extends beyond human admirers. A dining area nestled close to the shoreline is the perfect place for sipping a morning cup of coffee and for sharing an evening meal and watching the sunset.

Photography by Kamin Williams