Down in the Pecan Grove

Pecan Grove Meal


As fall begins to settle over the family farm, it brings along with it previews of crisp air and signature colors at the start of pecan season. Turn this annual time into a true harvest celebration. Young ones especially will enjoy collecting the fallen treasures into baskets and crates, and at day’s end, all can give thanks over a delicious meal centered on the grove’s rewards.

Pecan Grove Meal


Farmhouse polish is the idea behind this easygoing setting that blends earthy pottery, bold floral linens, and sweet vintage details. Underscore the country-side atmosphere with a simple bouquet that feels as if it were plucked from field and garden. Certainly pecans become part of the scene, scattered about the table and piled into hurricanes holding tapers. And they shine in every course from salad to dessert, where instead of peanut butter, pecan butter forms the base of a chess pie made all the more decadent with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream.

Pecan Grove Meal


While prepping the Pecan-Crusted Grouper, bake the Brussels sprouts and butternut squash at the same time—they both require the same oven temperature and roasting time. Then cover to keep warm while the grouper bakes at the reduced oven temperature.