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Entertaining Touches: Spring Collection

This is a beautiful time of rebirth—fresh green grass blankets the ground, buds spring forth in bursts of color, and all manner of new life chirps happily amid nature’s brilliance. This spring collection of entertaining touches includes a variety of looks perfect for welcoming guests into your home.

Dainty Detail

Dressing up your everyday linens for special celebrations is easier than you may think. Here, a decorative crafts store trimming reminiscent of a gilded birdcage becomes an elegant napkin ring when attached with a dainty blue ribbon. A place card written in sweet-pea pink further enhances the chirp-worthy setting. For additional springtime charm, tuck in a few sprigs of greenery or fresh blooms.

Delightful Eggs

Channeling your creative muse is a simple task come springtime. A glance outside your window reveals inspiration galore in the form of cotton candy–colored flowers and grass so soft and green it beckons bare toes to do a twirl or two. With Easter landing squarely in the middle of the season, take your cues from the flora around you to fashion pretty table decorations. Paint wooden eggs in pastels and patterns, then nestle into whitewashed terra-cotta pots. Encircle with grosgrain ribbons or dainty floral trims, hot-glue in place, and you have egg-ceptionally special accents sure to please your guests.

Simple Style

The pretty Pageant of posies on display in this blossom-filled season tickles the flower fancier in all of us. Tulips, daffodils, irises—we love them all! While we admire them growing in the garden or bunched together in an extravagant arrangement, we can also subtly incorporate these sweet blooms in smaller ways. Simply gather a napkin with a ribbon, tuck a few flower stems in the bow, and you have a lovely addition to any springtime setting.

Songbird Salutation

On a lovely spring day, greet guests with a chirp-worthy welcome in the form of nature-inspired place cards. Embrace the season by hosting a gathering of friends. To make this adorable place card, form a nest of decorative moss, and set it atop a small twig. Place a few egg-shaped candies or candy-coated almonds in the nest. Using double-sided tape, attach a tiny banner flying the name of each guest.

Easy Elegance

Easter’s on its way, bringing a bevy of fun motifs to play with in creative seasonal décor. For a sideboard setup or casual centerpiece, try this sweet and colorful alternative to fresh flower arrangements. Create beds of moss on each tier of a silver serving tray, then nestle in a handful of decorative eggs. Pastel, speckled, ombré, or natural—the options are endless and can be tailored to suit your style. Add a lacy runner and a pair of gilded cottontails to finish off this hippity-hoppity-happy display.

Springtime Muse

With sweet-scented inspiration all around us in this blossoming season, why not imitate life with this linen interpretation of a rosebud surrounded by foliage? Start with a napkin folded in half to form a triangle. Beginning with the long edge, fold down about 2 inches and continue folding at that width until you reach the point of the triangle. Curl the napkin into a “bud,” then secure the loose end with a pearl-point pin. Lay a folded green linen napkin into a pretty teacup, nestle the rosebud into the “leaves,” and you have a presentation that’s purely poetic.

Easter Delights

Who can describe the delight that bunnies bring in sweet springtime? With Easter comes tiskets and taskets and basketsful of treats. Celebrate this jubilant season with a napkin-turned-tussie-mussie. Simply fold your napkin into a square. Fold down one corner to form a cuff, and flip over. Roll the napkin into a cone shape, and fill with your favorite candy.

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