Expert Tips to Improve Home Curb Appeal


(Left) Landscape design by Blue Ribbon Lady Landscaping. Photography by Evo Sadowsky. (Right) Landscape design and photography by Meg Turner.

Upping your curb appeal can be as simple as taking care of the beds you have. Many people create their front gardens with great care and then ignore them—sometimes for years. “So many front foundations are planted and forgotten. Laurels, hollies, or boxwoods may now be engulfing the house, covering windows, or encroaching on the entry or on other plants,” says Meg. Proper maintenance goes a long way in elevating the appearance.

Dione Lineberry of Blue Ribbon Lady Landscaping in Dallas agrees. “An easy way to increase curb appeal is simply making sure that plants are trimmed and beds are clean, free of weeds, and mulched,” she says. Evo Sadowsky, Dione’s daughter and a fellow designer who joined the family business in 2017, is quick to remind homeowners to get rid of clutter like broken yard art or a leaky hose.