Expert Tips to Improve Home Curb Appeal


If you’re not ready for a complete makeover, seasonal swaps can be a fun way to add color and style, welcoming guests with panache. Carve out a portion of a bed for a stunning display of annuals, but Evo warns against a common mistake. “Homeowners buy a few flats [of flowers] and try to space them across the whole garden. It ends up looking wimpy,” she says. Instead, group them together in a few pockets for a more striking effect. Porch furnishings with pillows and cushions present another opportunity to alter the palette to reflect the time of year. For holidays, Evo urges clients to think creatively. For instance, instead of piling pumpkins on your porch for fall, you could put them in the garden. In December, a string of white lights on evergreen planters will muster holiday charm.

A picture of a fresh decorating idea to welcome spring