Expert Tips to Improve Home Curb Appeal


Landscape design by Blue Ribbon Lady Landscaping. Photography by Miah Oren.

While flower gardens are showstoppers, they require a good deal of attention and care. If you aren’t up to that, David suggests using pretty but durable planters, pots, and urns placed in visible areas to give your home personality with a lot less effort than maintaining a bed. “These pieces are like garden ornaments,” he says. Planting an evergreen, such as a boxwood or a Ligustrum topiary, in your container allows you to concentrate only on changing the flowers around it. Another way to create a focal point is with a specimen tree like a Japanese maple that offers fiery color or a snowball viburnum with its abundance of puffy blooms.

Whatever project you choose, improving the view for passersby and guests encourages the hospitality that Southerners are known for. “Just make sure the finished product unfolds around a central story,” says David.

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