Fall Door Wreaths

Whether rustic, refined, or regal, door decorations herald the season’s arrival. We’ve rounded up four of our favorite fall wreaths, sure to bring a festive touch to your home’s entrance. 


HARVEST HUES: From fall leaves to dried seapods, Mother Nature offers abundant inspiration. Combine the rich citrus hues of fruits and fall berries with earthy tones of varied foliage and ornamental cabbage. A woven container and free-flowing design give this eye-catching collection plenty of artistic merit. 


BOLD BEAUTY: With just a few easy steps, a handled basket becomes a smart door hanging filled with flowers. Line the basket with watertight plastic, and secure with hot glue or waterproof tape. Then insert soaked florist foam, and arrange blooms in a dense composition that highlights the container. 


FALL CLASSIC: The cheerful salutations of sunflowers just beg to spill from a front door. For a classic arrangement, present them in a cornucopia-shaped container with additional brightly colored blooms and stately feathers for height. 


WOODLAND AESTHETIC: The simplicity of a loosely formed grapevine wreath looks resplendent against the soft reflections of glass. Once October slips into November, update the woodland accents with holiday embellishments and berries.