Fashioning a Home Office Space

Design by Beverly Farrington of Accents of the South; Photography by William Dickey

Take inspiration from the change of scenery. Away from the bustle and formality of a typical office environment, it’s perfectly acceptable to embrace the flexibility of an at-home schedule. “Are you more productive in your pajamas? Then wear them!” says Marie. “Do whatever makes you the healthiest and happiest version of your working self.”

Taking short breaks for a jaunt around the neighborhood or baking homemade snacks are perks of being at home that can also give you a boost of energy to complete your work for the day. Setting up shop close to a window stimulates creativity and productivity as well. “The natural light will give you energy, and help you stay alert and focused,” says Marie. Beverly agrees and suggests seeking out sunlight if it inspires you. “I personally like to move around the house, following the sun as it moves throughout the day and sitting in a quiet room where there is a pretty view,” she says.