Fashioning a Home Office Space

Design by Emily Johnston Larkin of EJ Interiors; Photography by Lance Selgo

Personalize your new work area. “This is your opportunity to make your office your own, away from the influences of your coworkers or rules of your workplace,” says Marie. “Space allowing, I recommend incorporating something beautiful to keep you inspired: a favorite framed photograph, a branch you trimmed while on your most recent stroll, or a decorative object that holds sentimental value.” Fresh flowers foraged from your garden also make for invigorating décor.

Emily suggests selecting useful items that will add personal flair. “We love an acrylic tray for papers, a pair of brass scissors, and monogrammed pencils in a pretty container,” she says. “Also, a desk pad/blotter in a beautiful leather or shagreen material is a great functional accessory.”

Creating your own work environment also grants you the opportunity to decide whether you prefer a neutral backdrop or more colorful surroundings. While some may want a muted, serene space, Emily says others “want a cheerful and happy office with an invigorating, bright paint color or a fun wallpaper to keep them energized.”

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out on our social media platforms for a peek into our own homes as we show you favorite elements that bring us joy in our new work environments. We hope you’ll share your own with us, too!

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