Festive Bunny Ears Napkin Fold Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions for Our Festive Bunny Ears Napkin Fold 

    1. Start with a lightweight cloth napkin folded in half. (Heavier linen napkins are trickier to manipulate for this particular fold.) 
    2. Fold napkin lengthwise again. 
    3. Fold opposite ends towards the center, creating a single point at the bottom. 
    4. Fold top corners in to meet along the center line. 
    5. Fold sides lengthwise to meet along the center line. 
    6. Flip the napkin over and fold top point down. 
    7. Flip napkin back over, and then fold one bottom corner towards center. 
    8. Fold opposite corner towards center and tuck the point into the opening to secure. 
    9. Finish by tying a ribbon into a bow and fanning the “ears.”  
    10. Top your Easter place setting with the charming rabbit-style accent. 
Festive Bunny Ears Napkin Fold Video Tutorial
Blush Georgiana napkin from Land of Belle 

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