Find Inspiration for Salvaged Style in a French-Country Farmhouse

Throughout the decorating journey, Leslie has grown attached to the color white, and the serene hue creates a calming palette across the home. “White looks clean. It’s simple and timeless,” she says. While she loves to paint their abundance of reclaimed wood in her favorite shade, Bob sometimes draws the line with wood he deems too precious, like the sawed mahogany hand-carved bed in a guest room.

Leslie’s ultimate goal was to instill the feel of home in every corner of their dwelling, making it a true reflection of the family within. “I wanted the house to look like home,” she says. “If you fill your house with only things that you love and things that have meaning to you, it’s going to reflect who you are. Every room tells who we are and where we came from. It’s our story.”

By Elizabeth Bonner Czapski
Styling by Tracey MacMillan Russell 
Photography by John O’Hagan

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