Floral Designer Kaylyn Hewitt on the Allure of Poppies, Bridal Season’s New Favorite Bloom

Floral designer Kaylyn Hewitt of 1956blooms. Photo by Stephen DeVries.
Floral designer Kaylyn Hewitt of 1956blooms. Photo by Stephen DeVries.

Kaylyn Hewitt of 1956blooms brought a splash of fresh floral inspiration to the pages of our May/June issue. The designer learned to love flowers and gardens while growing up in Rowlett, Texas, east of Dallas. There, under the expansive skies of the Lone Star State, Kaylyn’s mother taught her how to cultivate a garden and the timeless style of displaying fresh flowers around your home. Kaylyn eventually moved to Boston, where she turned her love for floral design into a business. Her vibrant arrangements brought a breath of warm Southern air to her New England surroundings, and customers were soon enchanted. “My work is very organic and a little wild and crazy,” Kaylyn says. “I see a lot of Texas in that.”

Now that the spring wedding season is in full swing, we asked Kaylyn what kind of flowers she finds especially appealing this year. Her answer: poppies, which she says add vibrant interest to the subtle tones that have dominated bridal bouquets over the past several years. “Our typically neutral palettes have been infused with the brightest of colors,” Kaylyn says. “I can’t get enough of them.”

poppies - Southern Lady Magazine
“Poppies have been popping up all over my studio this season,” Kaylyn says. “I’ve been working with them more and more, and I’m constantly amazed at how vibrant and colorful they are.” Flower photographs by Kaylyn Hewitt.

In particular, Kaylyn loves Iceland poppies for their range of colors and long vase life. “They do wonderfully in arrangements, and each bunch could have four different colors in it, so they give a greater variety of colors without buying a ton of flowers,” she explains.

Kaylyn has shared with us some favorite poppy-infused floral designs. The bright oranges, yellows, and reds make it easy to see why she finds the flowers so appealing.

Poppies - Southern Lady Magazine
The Iceland poppy’s variety of colors, along with a long vase life, makes it a more functional cut flower than the opium poppy.



Kaylyn’s tips for working with poppies:

  • If the flowers aren’t opening up as quickly as you’d like, simply peel off the outer shell and put it in water. They open right up!
  • Burning the ends of the stems will help your poppies stay intact longer.
  • Make sure your water stays clean!

For the full story on Kaylyn, and how her mom and dad inspired her creative endeavors, be sure to check out our May/June issue.

poppies - Southern Lady Magazine