Gracious Living with Phyllis Hoffman DePiano: Scenic Setting

Each time I look at them and see sketches of the Governor’s Palace, Bruton Parish Church, the old Court House, and more, I am reminded of strolls through the streets where history lived and breathed. But these plates don’t stay tucked away in the cozy confines of their built-in cabinet. I bring the dinnerware out for special occasions—especially in the fall when I set the table with earth tones and natural accents. I found some beautiful carved-wood chargers that really set off the designs, along with pretty ivory eyelet napkins that I tie with ribbon and tiny branches of leaves to complement the vintage feel. Amber-hued tumblers, stemmed glasses, and hurricane lanterns fitted with pewter candlesticks complete this autumn tablescape that celebrates my love for history and honors the time I spent in unforgettable Williamsburg.

Photography by Kamin Williams

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