Grand Getaways: Grove Park Inn

Grand Getaways Grove Park Inn

Warmth pours from a larger-than-life fireplace as guests at the Grove Park Inn seek respite from the Asheville, North Carolina, chilly winter. A step inside the Grand Hall offers not only ample heat but also a sense of walking into timeless luxury. There are carefully crafted wood furnishings, classic cocktails at the nearby bar, and, of course, views of the surrounding Appalachian peaks.

Since Edwin Wiley Grove opened the doors in 1913, the Grove Park Inn has beckoned the weary to drink deeply of the restorative relaxation that made this corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains famous. 

Grand Getaways Grove Park Inn

Like so many new arrivals to Asheville in the early 20th century, Grove came to western North Carolina for health reasons, hoping to find a reprieve from chronic bronchitis and persistent hiccups. His recovery was so profound that he set about making his experience available for others. Grove created a place at home in its woodland setting, building the inn from the area’s stone and crafting an experience inside that likewise emphasized the natural and holistic. 

Visitors to Grove Park a century ago kept conversations in the lobby to a whisper so as not to disturb other guests. Even notable patrons—who included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and 10 sitting U.S. presidents—were kindly asked not to bathe after 9 p.m. so that the pipes didn’t cause a stir.