Grand Getaways: Omni Amelia Island Plantation

Daven explains that he strives to showcase the distinct tastes of the area. For coastal Florida, he says, “It’s about the vibrancy of the ocean.” He says his guests expect light, bright, clean flavors, and the culinary experience at Omni Amelia Island delivers with everything from fish tacos blended with coconut and citrus at Oceanside to a pizza from Natural Slice, where the crust includes water from the Atlantic.

Through thoughtfully crafted menus and beverage pairings, Daven says, the food at Omni Amelia Island sets the pace for the entire resort experience. “At the end of the day, we’re not just putting food on a plate; we’re trying to create an experience that encompasses everything that the resort is and be true to it.”

Chef Daven at the Sprouting Project at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Chef Daven Wardynski at work in the Sprouting Project’s aquaponic greenhouse at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort.

Daven has achieved a deep connection between the place and his food through the carefully cultivated Sprouting Project, which includes an aquaponic greenhouse, organic garden, beehives, and a recently added orchard. Continually challenging himself, he’s now thinking beyond plants and adding a barrel room and a pit for smoking meat.

“That’s why we called it the Sprouting Project—because there are always ideas sprouting. We’re always evolving and always changing. You always want to be current and relevant, and for me that was stepping beyond the plate and establishing what the recipe is for the recipe,” he says of his passion for fresh, raw ingredients.

To invite other chefs and guests into the Omni Amelia Island’s unique culinary experience, the resort has hosted Fish to Fork, which benefits the James Beard Foundation. For the past two years, area chefs are invited to embark on a fishing expedition with local fisherman. They use the catch to prepare a dish for the several hundred attendees, who then vote on the best dish.

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort - chefs at Fish to Fork
The talented chefs who competed in this year’s Fish to Fork event pictured with their respective sous chefs. From left to right, the competing chefs were Tom Gray, Greg Zanitsch, Linkie Marais, Hector Santiago, Kathleen Blake, and Daven Wardynski.

For the past two years, Daven has emerged the winner. And he has faced steep competition—award-winning chefs like Kathleen Blake of Orlando’s The Rusty Spoon, Jacksonville’s own Tom Gray, and Atlanta’s Hector Santiago. Yet, for him, the real highlight is opening up Omni Amelia Island to his peers. “I love sharing everything the resort has to offer with the other chefs,” he says.

Omni Amelia Island - Fish to Fork event
Guests sampling the food created by the chefs competing the resorts Fish to Fork event.

As for how the food became a centerpiece of the Omni Amelia Island experience, Daven says there was no mandate when he arrived three years ago. Instead, the food became an opportunity. Where the design and architecture of the hotel are set, Daven explains, food and beverage can continually change and offer something unique.

With the food, he says, “We’re able to make experiences. I want it to be the piece that you remember when you walk out the door.”

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